We denounce capitalism, whatever its apparent form of government,
as a social system based on “the exploitation of man by man.”


 We denounce the so-called “socialist” countries as brutally
exploitative regimes, to be overthrown by the working class.


We support communism as the only means capable of saving
humanity from its extinction under capitalist barbarism.


We reject all interclassist struggles and ideologies as alien to the
proletariat and contrary to its interests as the universal class.


We encourage self-organized struggle for workers’ immediate interests and for revolution,
beyond any legal or economic framework that might fetter their activity — including
the union form and its bureaucracy, opposed to the rank and file themselves.


We affirm, in this moment, the total decadence of the capitalist system — its
inability to contribute further towards social development — and the
immediate need for a communist revolution on a global scale.


We advocate the establishment of a revolutionary
party to function as the nerve center of the class.